ABL Alliance

In addition to being a direct lender, Siena Lending Group also offers a turn-key asset-based loan servicing and referral product for Community and Regional Banks, ABL Alliance. ABL Alliance allows a bank to responsibly gain exposure in asset-based lending, without investing the time or resources in building an internal back office and technological capability. 



Meet the borrowing needs of your customers by referring asset-based lending opportunities to Siena Lending Group. The referring bank will receive a referral fee, while retaining the deposit and treasury management relationship. The referring bank can take back the loan once it becomes bankable, with no early termination fees due from the borrower.

Collateral Monitoring and Back Office Support


Adding asset-based lending to a bank's product line strengthens and diversifies a bank's product offering but requires infrastructure and expertise, something which smaller banks cannot readily replicate. Banks who do not desire to build an ABL platform from scratch, can partner with Siena Lending Group's ABL Alliance team to provide collateral monitoring and back office support needed to do ABL.

Benefits for a Community or Regional Bank

  • Grow C&I lending 
  • Diversify asset classes
  • Addition of a new product line in a cost efficient manner
  • Gain a superior risk management platform
  • Solve a prospective borrowers entire lending situation
  • Gain cash management and other ancillary bank products
  • Generate incremental revenue and fee income

Success Stories

OceanFirst Bank, founded in 1902, is a community bank with $4.2 billion in assets, $3.2 billion in loans, $3.2 billion in deposits, and 50 branches located throughout central and southern, New Jersey. OceanFirst Bank delivers commercial and residential financing solutions, wealth management, and deposit services and is one of the largest and oldest community-based financial institutions headquartered in New Jersey.

Patriot Bank, N.A. provides consumer and commercial banking services to individuals, professionals and small and medium-sized businesses in Fairfield County and New Haven County, CT, and Westchester County, NY. The bank’s lending portfolio is comprised of commercial loans, mortgages and construction loans, home improvement loans, home equity lines of credit, and other personal loans.