Risk Management Team

Steve Sanicola,  Director Risk & Portfolio Management

Steve has more than 32 years of commercial finance experience, specifically in underwriting, risk management and portfolio management.  Prior to Siena, Steve was Director and Head of Portfolio Management at Burdale. Steve’s ABL background includes various credit roles at GE Capital and Fleet Bank/Connecticut Bank & Trust.

Jorge Chiluisa, Sr. VP Portfolio Management

Jorge has 24 years of experience in the Commercial Lending industry primarily in Underwriting and Portfolio Management. Prior to Siena, Jorge worked at GE Capital for 23 years and at People’s United Bank.


Michael Zielinski, SR. VP Portfolio Management

Michael has approximately 20 years of finance experience with his last 13 years focused on various roles in the Asset Based Lending Industry. Prior to joining Siena, Michael worked at Access Capital and Keltic Financial Service. 


Carrie has more than 11 years of commercial finance experience, spanning underwriting, portfolio management, workout, and field exam management. Prior to joining Siena, Carrie worked in various ABL and Cash Flow roles at GE Capital.  


Dexter-Leon Taylor, VP Audit

Dex has more than 20 years of asset-based lending experience specializing in audit and risk management. Prior to joining Siena, Dex's background includes various audit and credit roles at First Capital Business Credit, GE Commercial Distribution Finance, Textron Financial Business Credit, Evergreen Collateral Consulting LLC, Jefferson Wells International and CIT.

S. Ratty Headshot.jpg

Steven ratty, vp portfolio management

Steve has approximately 25 years of commercial finance experience, primarily in the asset-based lending industry, and 8 years of Big 4 audit experience at Deloitte & Touche.  Prior to joining Siena, Steve worked in various roles at GE Capital, Capital Source and Chrysler Capital.