Ask our clients or the many intermediaries we work with time and again. You can even ask other commercial lending companies. Siena Lending Group is known throughout the industry for finding creative ways to tell our clients “yes.” That skill is rooted in our long history of structuring complex asset-based lending (ABL) transactions, and our uncommon ability to assess the value of assets like accounts receivable and inventory.

How It Works

  • Commercial Lending Approval Process: Step 1

    Letter of Interest

    Expect a quick decision on moving forward, thanks to our deep commercial lending experience. You can trust us to provide preliminary term sheets that won’t change.

  • Commercial Lending Approval Process: Step 2


    After we delve into the details of your business—evaluating your assets and discussing your vision—our credit committee is responsible for granting final approval.

  • Commercial Lending Approval Process: Step 3


    Unlike some other ABL lenders, we don’t have a large bureaucracy or answer to an external investment committee that can delay or derail a closing. We deliver on our promises.

  • Commercial Lending Approval Process: Step 4


    Reporting and borrowing are dramatically simplified with our online client portal. Facing new challenges? Siena will work with you as a committed partner to overcome them.

Ready to Apply?