Siena Lending Group is an asset-based lending (ABL) pioneer. Back in 2012, our founders recognized an unmet need in the marketplace. Banks were becoming more heavily regulated and, as a consequence, curtailing their lending to middle-market companies. Six ABL veterans with a successful track record together founded Siena to serve that important segment of the economy.

Siena Excels at Complex Asset Based Lending Transactions

Complex Transactions

Siena Makes Efficient Asset Based Lending Decisions

Efficient Decisions

Siena Is an Asset Based Lending Specialist with a Reputation for Delivering on Promises

Delivering on Promises

Today, Siena is a leading ABL lender that has the strong backing to meet large financing needs while retaining the agility of an independent company. Led by the same management team, Siena is known throughout the asset-based lending industry for our expertise in complex transactions, efficient decision-making and commitment to delivering on promises. The company has grown to a team of 27 professionals located in Connecticut, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Charlotte.

In addition to its core lending business, Siena created the ABL Alliance, which enables regional and community banks and credit funds to offer ABL loans while mitigating risk and eliminating traditional infrastructure requirements.

Siena Has a Diverse Team of ABL Experts