Siena Lending Group is committed to giving back to the communities where we conduct business—and which we call home. We encourage and support individual efforts by our team members, in addition to seeking opportunities to participate in community service initiatives as a company.

Computers for Kids in Need

Siena was proud to partner with several public schools in Stamford,
CT, where we are based, to give computers to students in need. In
all, we donated more than 20 laptops that were out of circulation. It
was truly gratifying to read the many thank-you letters we received
from the schools, explaining how the computers would be
refurbished and issued to young scholars to help advance their

“Thank you for the generous donation of seven computers,
they will be reformatted to be used by young scholars.”
-Laureen Mody
Assistant Principal, Cloonan Middle School

Volunteer Day 2018

Our first company-wide volunteer day was devoted to DOMUS, a
nonprofit organization in Stamford, CT, where Siena is
headquartered. DOMUS serves more than 1,100 at-risk and
underprivileged youth in the city, providing programs to help
them live healthy and fulfilling lives, both now and into adulthood.

The Siena team was honored and humbled at the opportunity to
spend an afternoon with children in grades 3-8, playing kickball,
dodgeball, basketball and other games. We also enjoyed talking
to the children about their interests, career paths and life in

DOMUS is Latin for “home.” The organization’s slogan is “Love
Lives Here,” and we could truly feel that sentiment during our
short time there. The Siena team thanks everyone at DOMUS for
the opportunity to share an afternoon with you.